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I pursued the field of Chiropractic care after receiving my Master's Degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University. Soon after, I was applying to medical school, but in my heart, I knew this wasn't the path I wanted to take. It was at that point that my brother and his wife had their first child, Nathan. At six months of age, Nathan was diagnosed with asthma. He was given a breathing machine and an inhaler to use in order to control his asthma symptoms. My brother



and his wife did not like the idea of putting their six month old son on these medications at such a young age.


It was then that my sister recommended Nathan to her personal family Chiropractor. My brother, as most people are, was very skeptical telling my sister that Nathan did not get into a car accident or he was not a worker's comp case and he did not need to see a Chiropractor. My sister was adamant saying her Chiropractor was not like any other Chiropractic office. She mentioned to my brother that there were testimonials of various clients who had various health issues, asthma being one of them, on the walls of his office and that Chiropractic may help Nathan. After some thought, my brother and his wife decided to take Nathan to see my sister's Chiropractor.


Nathan was very blessed that after his first adjustment, his asthma symptoms went away!!! My brother and his wife were astounded, as were all of us family members!!! Even I was very skeptical. My brother told me to go see Nathan and my sister's Chiropractor because I was in a position where I did not know what profession I wanted to go into. So eventually, I reluctantly went for my first visit.


During my Chiropractic care, I was asked to be the Chiropractic Assistant of the office. As I was working at the office, I witnessed and heard all of the testimonials being expressed, from decreased blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels to miracles where medicine said there was no hope -- ALL from just the adjustment!!! As for myself personally, I began noticing differences within my own body, such as increased energy and my sleep was a deeper sleep. I also noticed that when I would get sick or have pain somewhere in my body that my symptoms went away quickly, and naturally after a few hours to a couple of days. After experiencing positive changes for myself, I understood the Chiropractic principle firsthand. I decided my calling was to be a Chiropractor and to share the principle with the world!!!


I have seen my own family members suffering or wait until pain/symptoms occur in their bodies and then decide to go for help. By that time, it was too late for some of them!!! Even my precious shih tzu gets adjusted and she's one of the healthiest pups her Veterinarians in Huntington Beach and Philadelphia has seen at her age of 15. Chiropractic is a way to restore health as well as to maintain health NATURALLY on a regular basis!!! I am bringing back my FAITH, HANDS, and EXPERIENCE back to Huntington Beach and Orange County!!! Come and witness the Higher Power!!!


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