What is Chiropractic?

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What is Chiropractic?



Chiropractic is the ONLY health care system that works to maximize the natural God-given strengths of the human body and its capacity to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractic is highly effective due to the fact that I focus on the "Master Control System of the human body"-- the nervous system, which runs every cell, muscle and organ. We at The Center of Higher Power work to find the "cause" and slowly begin your journey to living and functioning at your best.



When there is an imbalance, or interference, within the nervous system (vertebral subluxation), brain-body communication is disrupted. Nerve impulses from the brain traveling to the body and back to the brain via the nervous system are not flowing optimally. Thus, "dis-ease" occurs, causing the body to function abnormally. As a result, pain and/or symptoms, if lucky, can occur. What causes vertebral subluxations? STRESS!! Various types of stress we experience in our every day lives can create nerve interference, for example:


1. Physical stress (sitting/standing for long periods due to job, hard labor, diet)

2. Emotional stress (anxiety, fear, depression, sadness)

3. Environmental stress (smog, pesticides in produce, weather changes)



The main objective of Chiropractic is to restore proper

nervous system function, or brain-body communication.

How do I do that? I simply locate vertebral subluxations

and misaligned spinal vertebrae causing nerve

interference. Once vertebral subluxations are located,

I apply a specific, gentle force to help remove the nerve

interference, thus restoring brain-body communication

with my healing hands.


Chiropractic takes TIME!!! Why? One simple question...

How often do you experience STRESS?!!! The answer...

24/7!!! Chiropractic helps to maintain optimum nervous

system function, so that when pain/symptoms occur and

the body is in a weakened state, the body is able to

recover and/or heal more quickly and restore the body back to proper function. How do we maintain our bodies to stay in good health? By continually seeking chiropractic adjustments with us and you'll feel the strength of the higher power.








LIVE and FUNCTION at your best the way GOD INTENDED